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Goa Trip – Day 1

a stop point
a stop point

Jacob’s family friend and her son arrived. It was already late so we cannot get on board one of those coaches. So we planned a short trip from Vasco Da Gama. We hired a cab for Rs 200 to Japanese Garden and back to Vasco.

I thought it is just another garden, when I first visited this place. You cannot see much tourist in this place.

Actually it is .. but on top a hill. Once you descend down there is a beach.

This could have been a place where Portuguese Guards stood and checked out the Sea. The edge of the Garden were once Portuguese fortress.

This is how they restricted entry from the shores into the City.

this tree is outside the garden, on the road, where you get down, from your car. I call it “Do Maram”. It seems to angry on me and always saying .. Dooo .. Don’t speak to me.

Well, it could be angry for coming to see it, all these years. on the other hand while returning, because we are seperating.