Indian Homemade Cleaners & Beauty Products

My terrace garden plants are dying due to some insect attack. I do not want to put pesticides and eat some poison along with them. So I was researching on how to make one homemade insecticide. But the challenge is to get the same ingredient in India. I am now struck up on how to…

Selecting a Fully automatic washing machine (2 November 2013)

UPDATE: Whirlpool had the last laugh. At the time of installation the service engineer sold another Rs. 5065 of goods. They are:- I-Glyde (Stand with castors) – 1865 Calstrait Filter (for water inlet) – 1600 Scale Ion (De-scaling pack) – 1600 Explantion: I-Glyde is a sophisticated stand from Whirlpool. They want the washing machine to…

DIY Light craft project inspiration from curbly

I have always liked lights and particularly crafted ones. I was not knowing it. I was supposed to¬† do this from throw away materials. Also i was liking everything that is transparent (I know what you are thinking but it is not that). Glass Bottles was an ideal light fitting for me. Guess what the…


It is a very strange feeling. Like you are just born yet there is no mother to take care of you. Like you are just married and there is no wife. Like you have so many friends who are willing to help you to any extent and you do not know what to ask them….

Goa Trip – Day 2

The next day, we went to the so called north goa trip on one of those vans. you just need to shell out Rs 250 per head. Then they take you to many beaches and historical places.

Goa Trip – Day 1

Jacob’s family friend and her son arrived. It was already late so we cannot get on board one of those coaches. So we planned a short trip from Vasco Da Gama. We hired a cab for Rs 200 to Japanese Garden and back to Vasco. I thought it is just another garden, when I first…

First Photos

This is how the road at the front side of my house looks from balcony behind.

First Post

Here I will update about Me, GNU Linux, Photography and Life (both personal and official).