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Indian Homemade Cleaners & Beauty Products

My terrace garden plants are dying due to some insect attack. I do not want to put pesticides and eat some poison along with them. So I was researching on how to make one homemade insecticide. But the challenge is to get the same ingredient in India. I am now struck up on how to get liquid Castille Soap. Will do some more research and update you the developments. Meanwhile to keep you interested i am reposting the ingredients Rebeka had prescibed in her blog.

Home made insecticide

3 C Warm Water
6-8 Cloves Garlic, Peeled
1 TBS Cayenne Pepper (Kashmiri Chilli ?!?)
1/2 Medium Onion, quartered
1/2 tsp Liquid Castille Soap, fragrance free

Its turns out that Garlic and Pepper are negative (pranic) food according to Meditators. Hmnnn … Insects know it.


Easy Laundry Soap

  • What you’ll need to make your very own Easy Laundry Soap (this makes approx. 48 loads):
  • 1 Bar (14 oz) Fels-Naptha, Zote Soap or Ivory Soap
  • 2 C Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (make sure it says “Super Washing Soda”)
  • 2 C Borax

I will try to get source of buying all the ingredients and update this post soon.


Selecting a Fully automatic washing machine (2 November 2013)

UPDATE: Whirlpool had the last laugh. At the time of installation the service engineer sold another Rs. 5065 of goods. They are:-

I-Glyde (Stand with castors) – 1865

Calstrait Filter (for water inlet) – 1600

Scale Ion (De-scaling pack) – 1600


I-Glyde is a sophisticated stand from Whirlpool. They want the washing machine to be stable and say its not advisable to buy cheaper plastic stands from market.

Calstrait Filter works similar to the filters in RO Water purifying system. Salesman noticed there is big impurities in the water we use for our household.

Scale ion is a master pack with 10 smaller packs. Each can be used for cleaning once in  1 1/2  month (for the load we give to the machine, yours may vary).

Thus my total expenses on washing m/c exceeded 20K making it Rs. 22,565


I had the big dilemma to choose the right washing machine for my wife. I did some research on what was available. I went to a small store which had many washing machines (mostly LG). The shop owner was more interested in the IPL. However he managed to answer my questions in between, which mostly I forgot.

Next I went to a nearby Reliance show room. The sales girl was very keen to sell Samsung Top Loading machine and failed to demonstrate LG Pulsator + Punch, which the small shop owner explained before. Also with Samsung there is no Diwali gift and reduction. Though we had mostly samsung electronic goods at home, somehow they developed some problem or the other. This could be mostly due to the poor voltage regulation with our earlier rented house.

Then we checked with our sister-in-law on her whirlpool machine. My wife had only good things about it. It had many programmes, sixth sense (adjust many wash functions based on load) and heater to supply hot water. Unfortunately whirlpool at this time removed hot water from its white magic series. I have to shell out 22K to get one with heater.

My wife had many criterion for the selection process, given below are the vital ones.

1.  Ability to rinse clothes that were washed seperately by hand.

2. Should not exceed our budget of Rupees 20,000

3. Stainless steel drum basket.

4. Should fit in to the small provision we made in our flat at the construction stage.

Samsung surpringly had very little information in their website. Could be its superior to LG and Whirlpool models that are at par with it.  In the show room I noticed the machines were little wider and shorter. This is bad for us because we can live with a taller machine but not wider ones. They could be wider because they are trying to reuse the front loading form factor for top loading also.

LG had very similar features like the Whirlpool one but I have to decide against LG because of higher MRP and did not dare to go against my wife’s wish :-). LG also did not mention about the drum basket in their website or I missed it.

Finally we visited the nearest whirlpool dealer and bought what we thought was the best front loading washing machine Whitemagic 650SDI .  We paid 17,500 including door delivery charges and some feebries (stainless steel pan and philips hair dryer).


PS: Excel I used to compare the different washing machine brands is here

DIY Light craft project inspiration from curbly

I have always liked lights and particularly crafted ones. I was not knowing it. I was supposed to  do this from throw away materials. Also i was liking everything that is transparent (I know what you are thinking but it is not that). Glass Bottles was an ideal light fitting for me. Guess what the shades are made from. I did not paint them, instead used an already tainted plastic. The inspiration came from two different projects at curbly


I will publish the instructions later.


It is a very strange feeling.

Like you are just born yet there is no mother to take care of you.

Like you are just married and there is no wife.

Like you have so many friends who are willing to help you to any extent and you do not know what to ask them.

Like you have close relatives to offer you financial help and yet got nothing to ask them.

Like you want to die now and yet there is no strong reason to do so.

Like you thought you had a beautiful house but in reality left with rumbles.

Like you believed the earth was flat and it turned out to be round.

Like you managed to run with the football to the goal post all alone and scored the lone goal of the match, only to realize it was a self goal.

Just few days ago it seemed that I was on top of the world only to realise now I am in the darkest of the dungeons.

Goa Trip – Day 1

a stop point
a stop point

Jacob’s family friend and her son arrived. It was already late so we cannot get on board one of those coaches. So we planned a short trip from Vasco Da Gama. We hired a cab for Rs 200 to Japanese Garden and back to Vasco.

I thought it is just another garden, when I first visited this place. You cannot see much tourist in this place.

Actually it is .. but on top a hill. Once you descend down there is a beach.

This could have been a place where Portuguese Guards stood and checked out the Sea. The edge of the Garden were once Portuguese fortress.

This is how they restricted entry from the shores into the City.

this tree is outside the garden, on the road, where you get down, from your car. I call it “Do Maram”. It seems to angry on me and always saying .. Dooo .. Don’t speak to me.

Well, it could be angry for coming to see it, all these years. on the other hand while returning, because we are seperating.