Nokia N900

My Nokia N900 suddenly started losing battery charge fast. I have updated the latest beta repositories and installed as much as new (useful) applications I can. The situation became so bad, that I cannot use my phone for even few calls. I was charging my phone more rather than using it. So, I decided to do something about it.

I then flashed my phone from one of the US kernels, i downloaded before. It was successful but I was not getting any network at all and hence could not make any calls. After pulling my hair for several days and going through abundant resources from the net, I downloaded the latest US kernel and did the flashing once again. This time I was successful.

Guess, what was the problem. Never downgrade from the previous version of kernel or whatever on the N900. The same kernel worked for me before, now it didn’t because. I have updated to the latest kernel after installing it and hence applying the old kernel do not work 🙂


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