Customizing Gedit as Web Developer’s IDE

These tips I followed from Micah Carrick’s blog

1. get the tag for gedit
tar -xzf gedit_webdev_tags-0.1.tar.gz
sudo mkdir /usr/share/gedit-2/plugins/taglist
sudo cp *.tags /usr/share/gedit-2/plugins/taglist/
rm -rf *.gz *.tags

2. get current version of PHP_Beautifier and other useful stuffs

sudo apt-get install csstidy linkchecker
sudo pear install PHP_Beautifier-0.1.14

3. use external tools plugin
for beautifying PHP (add command)

php_beautifier -s4 -l “ArrayNested() IndentStyles(style=bsd) NewLines(before=if:switch:while:for:foreach:function:T_CLASS:return:break,after=T_COMMENT)”

check PHP code for parse error (add command)
php -l

PHP function look up in browser firefox (add command)
xargs -I '{}' firefox \

“Not working for me in Jaunty Jackalope”

4. get ftp support
run gconf-editor add ftp to the list at

“Already updated in Jaunty Jackalope”

5.get symbol browser plugin

cd ~/.gnome2/gedit/
tar -xzf gedit-symbol-browser-plugin-bin-ubuntu-i386-0.1.tar.gz
rm -rf *.gz
sudo apt-get install libgnomeprintui2.2-0 ctags

Now enable from menu Edit->Preferences-Plugins

6. get tidy plugin
cd plugins
tar -xzf html-tidy-gedit-plugin.tar.gz
sudo apt-get install tidy

7. get PHP autocomplete
tar -xzf gedit-autocomplete-0.9.6.tar.gz
cd gedit-autocomplete-0.9.6
mv *.* ../.
cd ..
rm -rf gedit-autocomplete

8. get python plugin for posting code into remotely.

tar -xzf snipplrpy-0.4.tar.gz
cd snipplrpy-0.4/
sudo python install
cd ..
tar -xzf gedit_snipplr_plugin-1.0.tar.gz
cd plugin
mv snipplr* ../.
cd ..
rm -rf plugin

if you have not signed up already, sign up with and get the api key from the site.

9. cleanup
rm -rf *.gz


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