Migrating from Windows to Ubuntu

My wife asked me how to migrate novice users to Ubuntu. Her office was hit by virus.

  1. Try to clean the system and make it virus free
  2. If this fails, back up data to a CDROM
  3. Re install windows without connecting to internet.
  4. Secure administrator login by creating 2 more logins (one admin and one the actual user)
  5. Firewall your Ethernet adaptor
  6. Remove all closed sourced software
  7. Use Firefox and Thunderbird, so the users are comfortable after migrating to windows
  8. You may need to import mail files to thunderbird before uninstalling Outlook.
  9. Create free partition by moving files and defragmenting the hard disk.
  10. If your hard disk is already crying for space and you cannot create any additional partition for Ubuntu, then use tools like partition magic to reclaim the extra space from existing partition.
  11. Install Ubuntu and have application like Firefox and thunderbird share a common data.
  12. This way users can login into to Windows or Ubuntu as per their wish and until they feel comfortable.

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